Always apply the Self-Test
winding mountain road

On a winding, single-lane road always drive slow enough that you could evade yourself coming from the opposite direction.

The same can probably be said for how we act in everyday life: Always act in such a way that you would get along with yourself. Continue reading

The many Misleading Faces of Truth

When I was a little boy my mother told me that I was a “language engineer”. I had perfected the art of speaking true statements that evoked false impressions in my listeners.

How to lie by saying true things. Continue reading

8 things I wish I’d learned by now
sand slipping throug hand - I wish I'd learned

Today I had one of those blinding insights again! Suddenly everything made sense, it clicked. What a fantastic feeling when everything simply falls into place.

I am sure you’ve had this kind of insight and more often than not their magic wears of all too quickly. I forget, my habits get the better of me, I prioritize other things, and before I know it my great understanding slips through my fingers. Continue reading

My Manifesto – How to become a better Person
Constitution - We the People

Recently I came across Gretchen Rubin’s Manifesto on her blog The Happiness Project and it struck a chord with me.

Wouldn’t it be great if people had constitutions like states or manifestos like movements? A list of short guidelines that neatly encapsulate who you want to be as a person, how you want to act and what values you want to uphold. Continue reading

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Challenge 02 – Lose 16kg in 16 weeks (with a Twist)
lifestyle gamification

I am setting myself another tough challenge: By September 8th 2012 I will weigh less than 90kg and feel slim and well.

I have achieved this before, but unfortunately am back where I had started after 3 years. Last time I had much more leisure time to organize my food and not be stressed. On the other hand I did it entirely through nutrition and might take up just a tiny bit of sport to get there in time. Continue reading

The Nature of Evil, and how it comes about
What is Evil

“Evil – Inside Human Violence and Cruelty” by Roy Baumeister tells a great story of what Evil is, what causes it and how it comes to be. With plenty of anecdotal stories, historical examples and based on psychological research he … Continue reading

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What are Trees made of?
what are trees made of

I came across this fantastic video that asks the questions where tree get their mass from. It is fantastically made and really shows how much we think we know and yet have never questioned. Continue reading

An Overview of Logical Fallacies & Biases
logical fallacies poster

Check out this cool poster of logical fallacies from Continue reading

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No Boundary – Your Path to Equanimity
How to be a good person

At the center of “No Boundary: Eastern and Western Approaches to Personal Growth” lies Ken Wilber’s idea that we draw boundaries where none exist in reality and that these boundaries lead us into internal and external conflict; that the “map is not the territory” and we tend to create a map of opposites.
At 140 pages the book is nice and short, and quite unlike Ken Wilber is highly readable. In it he shows a path of how we may release these boundaries to gain equanimity and enlightenment. Continue reading

Challenge 01 – Eat nothing for 5 days
lunch diet fasting

Self-discipline hasn’t been my strength in the past, especially when it comes to food. In the process of writing another blog post on feeling OK in any setting I wondered how I would cope with not eating for a while.

So the challenge I set myself for last week was: Eat absolutely nothing for 5 days, except the odd apple. Continue reading